The Zeus Slot Demo Machine Review

The Zeus Slot Demo Machine Review: Play and All Explanation(WMS)

With its 30 paylines, five reels and numerous winning combinations, the Zeus slot demo machine helps you understand why WMS is considered one of the best online casino game providers in the world! Along with several renowned goddesses, this fast-paced slot is themed around the ancient Greek god Zeus. With its dynamic graphics, extraordinary soundscape and numerous winning possibilities, Zeus offers you an exciting, challenging and adventure-filled gaming experience.

The machine is easy to understand and operate. All you need to do is take a look at the game’s rules and table information, and you’ll be ready to hit some major wins! As a result, we can safely say that the Zeus slot demo has achieved a popularity comparable to that of its Egyptian-themed competitor, Cleopatra, a slot developed by rival IGT.

Introducing the Zeus Slot Machine

The symbols present on the Zeus slot demo machine are linked to this deity as well as other gods and goddesses of Greek mythology, and they take you on an authentic Hellenic adventure. As symbols you have of course Zeus, but also Pegasus, a boat, a helmet, a vase, a crown, a harp and a silver and gold coin, but no card symbols.

The three symbols you definitely don’t want to miss are the wild symbol, the Lighting scatter symbol, and the Zeus symbol, which is the highest paying symbol. The symbol of light triggers a bonus, and after the winning combinations you can win big prizes there. The scatter symbol, Lighting Thunderbolt, cannot be combined with the wild to make winning combinations. Finally, the Zeus symbol is used in groups during one or more bonus rounds.

The machine offers coins of multiple denominations between 0.01 and 5 dollars. You can only use one coin at a time on a game line, with a minimum bet per line set at $0.30 and a maximum bet per line of $5. You can place a bet up to $150 and the maximum win is set at $2,500 in real money, which is equivalent to 500 casino credits. Symbols can appear stacked, meaning you can get stacked wild symbols on every spin. There are thirty active game lines, which theoretically allows you absolutely enormous game time.

To top it all off, WMS has equipped Zeus with an economical and fast autoplay option. You can set your preferences on the machine: the amount of the bet, the number of spins, the time lag you want between two spins, etc. Thus, the WMS casino software plays the game for you and allows you to win money automatically.

Zeus slot demo
Zeus slot demo

Play bonus rounds on Zeus

Zeus slot demo includes a very lucrative free games feature and this is probably one of the main reasons why this game has become so popular in the slots world. When three or more scatter symbols (“Lightning Thunderbolt”) appear on any of the active paylines, this Zeus free spins bonus is activated. Depending on the number of “Lighting Thunderbolt” symbols appearing on your screen, you will receive a certain number of free spins LIVE DRAW HONGKONG

For information, three scatter symbols give you ten free spins, four scatter symbols reward you with twenty-five free spins and five scatter symbols give you one hundred free spins! What makes this bonus round really great is that you can re-trigger the free spins feature by getting three (or more) ‘Lighting Thunderbolts’ during any of the free spins you were previously entitled to! During Zeus free spins, your coins are locked at their original value, but winnings contribute to the total payout.

You should also know that the Zeus theme has found such popularity with casino game players that WMS has developed even more slots similar to Zeus, such as WMS’s slot Transmissive Zeus, Great Zeus, Zeus II and Zeus III.

Zeus: Greek Mythology

Young son of the Titan Cronus and Titans Rhea, Zeus is the Sky God and the supreme deity of the Olympians. Also lord of the sky, thunder and rains, Zeus escaped from the clutches of his father Cronus when his mother Rhea hid the divine newborn in a cave on Mount Dicte, Crete.

Cronus knew in advance that he would be overthrown by his own son and that, as a result, he would swallow each of his children as soon as they were born. Concerned, Rhea asked for help from Gaia and gave birth to Zeus in Crete. She handed a stone wrapped in clothes to Cronus, who quickly swallowed it. In the cave, Zeus was raised by Gaia. However, many versions of the myth exist, speaking for example of a young Zeus raised by a goat, nymphs and even a family of shepherds.

As an adult, Zeus forced his father to regurgitate his siblings. Starting with the stone he had swallowed in place of Zeus, Cronus brought all of his sons and daughters back to life, in the reverse order he had swallowed them. The siblings unite, confront and destroy the Titans and their cruel leader, Cronus. With the world now free of the Titans, Zeus sealed them away in the Underworld of Tartarus.

It was then that, together with his older brothers Hades and Poseidon, Zeus organized a draw to establish who would rule over what. This is how Zeus obtained the right to become the supreme ruler of the gods, the earth and Mount Olympus. Poseidon was given custody of the sea and Hades became responsible for the underworld of Tartarus. Zeus married Hera and was known for his romantic escapades.


As supreme leader of the gods, Zeus is the deity of mercy and justice, the punisher of evil, the protector of the weak and of truth, but also the god of rain, gathering clouds and wielding lightning. Its symbols are lightning, oak, eagle and aegis, and some were used for the Zeus slot demo machine.